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Seems I haven't updated in a while so..

I feel like my apartment is finally furnished. Not that it wasn't furnished before but now all the rooms (all 3 of them!) have a significant amount of furniture. My aunt gave me her futon like couch and after a battle with cutting down the foam so the shrunken cover would fit it, it now looks marginally acceptable. On Black Friday Nando got a monitor and I got a mini laptop so those are now set up in the office too.

Besides that this week has been depressing with a lot of sad things happening that I don't really feel like talking about here.

I've put off looking into buy an apartment until January and at that time I'm going to look for a better Realtor. There are a lot of complications but I hope I'll be able to make it work sometime next year.

To end on a positive note I feel like I'm finally starting to understand my job. I have been able to process a lot of cases with minimal help. A far cry from where I was to begin with but I still have a long way to go until I fully understand everything.
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