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Fanime time

It's almost time for Fanime, so of course I now have a cold. I hope so badly it goes away by Friday.. all my outfits will go to waste if I just sit in the Hotel room feeling sick. Luckily I still have 5 days..

I reserved a Swap Meet space for Friday if anyone wants to share it with me (Hannah?) I don't have that much stuff this year so I really don't need a whole space.

Other then that I think we are going to have a room party on Saturday (come to it!) I also have a ball-jointed doll panel I'm doing on Saturday at 3pm if anyone is interested in that.

I have a really busy two months coming up. For June and July I'm going to Philadelphia, working at this BJD con in SF, going to Seattle and going to Comic Con. Sounds like a lot of money to be spent >_>
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