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Weekend Re-cap

Had a good weekend overall. Friday I did nothing except go get dinner so I'll just skip over that.

Saturday was the Gothic & Lolita Bible V.3 release party in SF. I was excited they had a G&L event here in SF since I think they're headquartered down in So-cal. It was fun overall. They had a cookie decorating contest which I won first place in (score!) I won a btssb headpiece which I would take a picture of if Nando didn't still have my camera. There was a fashion show and mingling and I even met a few girls who I went to Mels with. That was a lot of fun and they were all really nice :) I should try going to a meet-up sometime since I don't have any friends that are really into the hobby and I would like to so I would have people to dress up with! ;)

Today we went to the Ren Faire in SF and got to see jousting! I wish I had a ren faire costume but they're expensive and I'm not motivated to sew one. It was fun and they had good food/shows.

I need to figure out a night to see Joline since she leaves for Israel in a few days. I wish I could go live in a foreign country for a bit. Been thinking about it lately.
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