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Feel like I should update things   
09:37pm 27/11/2010
mood: bored
I've been posting more on my other LJ lately, but I feel guilty its been SOOO LONG since I last updated this one.

Stuff is going well. I passed my 3-day review at work so I am more or less a permanent employee as long as I don't screw up too badly before April. I should be getting a raise in April so as long as that happens things should be looking up.

Nando and I have our 5 year annivery next month and are going to go to Disneyland in 2 weeks. I like going in early December before all the kids get out of school because its way less crowded then.

I've also been really into animal rights groups lately. I've always loved animals but have been doing more about it lately by donating to some animal charities. When I first heard about PETA I thought they seemed a bit extreme but after looking into them some I feel like I really agree with most of their view points. Someone needs to be fighting for animals and bringing their abuse to the public eye. I think companies get away so much cruelty to animals (animal testing, horrible conditions in the meat industry, etc) because its done behind closed doors.

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Etsy Shop   
09:40pm 03/02/2010
mood: motivated
I've been thinking about starting an online shop on Etsy. My idea is to try selling craft supplies, specifically stuff realted to decoden. If you don't know what decoden is there is an LJ community for it: http://community.livejournal.com/deco_den/profile

So I was going to try selling resin cabochons, polymer clay decorations, "whip cream" clay, rhinestones and probably a few other things. I've been researching wholesalers but have had some difficulty finding ones that don't require you to order a gigantic quantity. I don't actually see myself making that much but I still think it might be fun :)

Strangely I only recently started really looking around Etsy but wow there is a lot of awesome stuff there!

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Is it a real cat?   
08:14pm 14/01/2010
  Ok so I think this photo is hysterical. Nando and I had a debate about whether it is even a real cat but I think it is! My friend has a cat that looks kind of like this one.


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What the???   
07:45pm 06/12/2009
  Ok, so this just BLEW MY MIND. When did the Back Street Boys come back?!?!?! They have a new album? I loved them back when I was like 12. So strange, especially the gothic lolita maids.


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Seems I haven't updated in a while so..   
07:40pm 02/12/2009
mood: could be better
I feel like my apartment is finally furnished. Not that it wasn't furnished before but now all the rooms (all 3 of them!) have a significant amount of furniture. My aunt gave me her futon like couch and after a battle with cutting down the foam so the shrunken cover would fit it, it now looks marginally acceptable. On Black Friday Nando got a monitor and I got a mini laptop so those are now set up in the office too.

Besides that this week has been depressing with a lot of sad things happening that I don't really feel like talking about here.

I've put off looking into buy an apartment until January and at that time I'm going to look for a better Realtor. There are a lot of complications but I hope I'll be able to make it work sometime next year.

To end on a positive note I feel like I'm finally starting to understand my job. I have been able to process a lot of cases with minimal help. A far cry from where I was to begin with but I still have a long way to go until I fully understand everything.

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Comic Con   
10:17am 07/11/2009
  So I managed to get tickets for Comic Con right before they sold out. It really annoys me that the con isn't until July and the 4-day badges are already sold out. Nando and I got badges but its more fun to go there with friends, and cheaper to stay in a room with friends but no one else got tickets. Hmmm, 1-day badges go on sale next month so I guess there is still hope. I really think they need to expand the convention, there are lots of Hotels in the area they could expand into to allow for people to go.

Cats woke me up at 6:30am because they don't understand the concept of Saturday :( MEH

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08:09pm 27/10/2009
mood: hopeful
So after a long vet visit and over $400 in medical testing, Winston (my cat) was finally diagnosed with Bronchitis (at least the vet is fairly sure that is what he has) and I have begun giving him medication. I'm trying to be optimistic this will help and he will finally get better. >^..^< Wish him luck :)

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10:37pm 04/10/2009
mood: meh
I'm worried about my cats, both seem a little sniffly and congested and sneezy. Winston has seemed this way for at least a few weeks. I took him to a local vet last week and the vet listened to his breathing for a bit and said he sounded fine and didn't do much. He sounds fine sometimes but congested at other times. I was disapointed with that vet and want to take them both somewhere else but I don't know any good local vets. I might just go back to the SF SPCA. I wish the vet wasn't so expensive, I'm worried I'm going to pay $100+ and they wont find anything wrong with them even though I know something is :(

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What I've been doing in my life this week.   
11:45am 17/09/2009
mood: amused
Besides the usual going to work/hanging out with friends here are some of the things I've been up to lately.

I started playing Monopoly City Streets. The game is really addictive! Basically its like a game of Monopoly using the Google Maps World Map. You can buy streets using Monopoly money and the build building on them. You can also buy and sell streets with other players. You can buy pretty much any street in the world (though not in North Korea apparently.) When I was playing before I was buying up streets in El Cerrito. The game is restarting either today or tomorrow. I'll probably streets in El Cerrito again because there is less competition to buy them. If anyone else is playing it let me know! http://www.monopolycitystreets.com/

Another game I got yesterday which is awesome is Scribblenauts for the DS. I don't tend to use my DS very often but this game is awesome. Basically the game has a word pad and anything you write comes into the game. So you can write "vampire" and one will appear, or "scone" and one will appear. But you can write anything as long as it isn't copyrighted. Apparently the game recognizes tens of thousands of words and has images for each of them. You use the stuff you make appear to solve puzzles. For example there was one level that had garbage all over it and I typed "maid" and one appeared and picked up the garbage for me :)

I've also been into Gothic and Lolita fashion again, although I guess that isn't really new but I've been more into it since the New People World Mall opened in Japantown. I recently bought two BTSSB lucky packs and they are awesome. I need to actually wear this stuff more often instead of just thinking its awesome and putting it away in the closet. I do wear it occasionally, but only to events and cons for the most part.

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Want to take a Vacation X_X   
03:24pm 01/09/2009
mood: bored
I really want to go on a trip next month but I'm trying to stop myself since I went on three trips over the summer and haven't been able to save any money for a while now. Too bad because Southwest has really good deals for trips to Las Vegas and Orlando. It's basically buy one plane ticket get one free if you also book the Hotel through Southwest. I still really want to go to Japan but I don't think I can do it until late 2010 at the earliest since I'll have to save a lot of my vacation time to go to my cousin's wedding in June.

Anyway, I have 4 days off from Friday - Monday if anyone wants to do anything. So far I'm planning to go to the State Fair on Saturday but that's about all I have come up with so far.

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10:09pm 17/08/2009
mood: sleepy
Just wanted to post a quick picture of my kittens :) I've had them since late June now and they are growing rapidly. This is a picture of them a bit smaller (and getting over the cold they had when I got them.) They are both healthy now. I first had them as foster kittens through the ASPCA and got really attached and decided to adopt them. At first we were worried Nando was allergic but he seems to be doing fine now. At the ASPCA I was told black cats are usually the last to get adopted which is so sad :( All the black cats I have ever met are the sweetest ever.

Ray and Winston:


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New People World opening   
09:36pm 16/08/2009
mood: tired
Had a really long but fun weekend at the New People World opening! I posted about it on my other LJ where I post about BJDs and Gothic Lolita stuff. I know not all of you are interested in that but if you are check it out here:


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Comic Con Etc   
02:56pm 29/07/2009
mood: bored
Comic Con was awesome! My favorite parts were seeing the Lost and True Blood panels. The True Blood panel had almost the entire cast including the author of the books so that was exciting. I got endless swag, both some I paid for and lots of free stuff, a few things of which are decent. I got 7 free shirts this year, down from 12 last year but I was also there for less time. If I had no preference on what I wore I could go to Comic Con each year and never have to buy shirts again. Nando posted some pictures on facebook if anyone is interested.

Anywho, what I'm really excited about is the opening of the mall New People World in SF Japantown. For those of you who like Gothic Lolita they are going to have 3 days of FREE events. August 14th -16th. Saturday is the day with the most stuff including the actual opening of the mall: http://www.newpeopleworld.com/news/

In other news I adopted two kittens. They are both boys are really cute. Most people can't tell them apart but I can. I took some pictures that I'll try to post one of these days.

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RIP Michael Jackson   
10:11pm 25/06/2009
mood: sad
I usually don't get too choked up about celebrities dying, after all they aren't people we ever actually knew, but Michael Jackson dying really upset me. He was just such a special person and the world will be a little less bright without him in it.

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Fanime time   
08:56pm 17/05/2009
mood: hot
It's almost time for Fanime, so of course I now have a cold. I hope so badly it goes away by Friday.. all my outfits will go to waste if I just sit in the Hotel room feeling sick. Luckily I still have 5 days..

I reserved a Swap Meet space for Friday if anyone wants to share it with me (Hannah?) I don't have that much stuff this year so I really don't need a whole space.

Other then that I think we are going to have a room party on Saturday (come to it!) I also have a ball-jointed doll panel I'm doing on Saturday at 3pm if anyone is interested in that.

I have a really busy two months coming up. For June and July I'm going to Philadelphia, working at this BJD con in SF, going to Seattle and going to Comic Con. Sounds like a lot of money to be spent >_>

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For the win!   
07:45pm 16/10/2008
  Well I know I've said nothing for like 8 weeks but I just think this picture is awesome.

Sylar are you cosplaying as Spock?


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Weekend Re-cap   
08:52pm 17/08/2008
mood: okay
Had a good weekend overall. Friday I did nothing except go get dinner so I'll just skip over that.

Saturday was the Gothic & Lolita Bible V.3 release party in SF. I was excited they had a G&L event here in SF since I think they're headquartered down in So-cal. It was fun overall. They had a cookie decorating contest which I won first place in (score!) I won a btssb headpiece which I would take a picture of if Nando didn't still have my camera. There was a fashion show and mingling and I even met a few girls who I went to Mels with. That was a lot of fun and they were all really nice :) I should try going to a meet-up sometime since I don't have any friends that are really into the hobby and I would like to so I would have people to dress up with! ;)

Today we went to the Ren Faire in SF and got to see jousting! I wish I had a ren faire costume but they're expensive and I'm not motivated to sew one. It was fun and they had good food/shows.

I need to figure out a night to see Joline since she leaves for Israel in a few days. I wish I could go live in a foreign country for a bit. Been thinking about it lately.

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Comic Con   
08:55am 03/07/2008
mood: amused
Ok so I was thinking "I don't need to save much money for Comic Con, it's not like I'm going to want to buy ANYTHING" And then I was looking at the exclusive merchandise and I come across:

Whaa its so cool!! I wantttttt it! Why do I always want such ridiculous things? But hey, it does have some purpose in that it actually is a toaster ;)

It's going to be so difficult to save any money this month...

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Comic Con   
09:23pm 01/05/2008
mood: dorky
So I'm going to San Diego Comic Con! This will be my first time going so I hope it will be fun. I've already been told it will be super crowded and large. Anyone else planning to go?

While we're down there I hope to be able to visit the San Diego Zoo as well. Pandas!!

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Sample Sale   
12:04am 22/03/2008
mood: meh
I was gonna post about this sooner but I fell asleep from 8pm - 11pm. Saddness, now my whole Friday night is gone. Anywho, The North Face is having a sample sale open to the public so prices will be around 70% - 90% off. I know a few people have asked me in the past to mention if there are any public sample sales. It starts tomorrow at 9am (I'll be there at 8:30am) and I think it goes until at least Wednesday. Its at the Berkeley outlet: 1238 5th Street - Berkeley, CA 94710

If you need anything like tents, sleeping bags, equipment or shoes there are especially good deals on these things.

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