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Feel like I should update things

I've been posting more on my other LJ lately, but I feel guilty its been SOOO LONG since I last updated this one.

Stuff is going well. I passed my 3-day review at work so I am more or less a permanent employee as long as I don't screw up too badly before April. I should be getting a raise in April so as long as that happens things should be looking up.

Nando and I have our 5 year annivery next month and are going to go to Disneyland in 2 weeks. I like going in early December before all the kids get out of school because its way less crowded then.

I've also been really into animal rights groups lately. I've always loved animals but have been doing more about it lately by donating to some animal charities. When I first heard about PETA I thought they seemed a bit extreme but after looking into them some I feel like I really agree with most of their view points. Someone needs to be fighting for animals and bringing their abuse to the public eye. I think companies get away so much cruelty to animals (animal testing, horrible conditions in the meat industry, etc) because its done behind closed doors.
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