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Comic Con Etc

Comic Con was awesome! My favorite parts were seeing the Lost and True Blood panels. The True Blood panel had almost the entire cast including the author of the books so that was exciting. I got endless swag, both some I paid for and lots of free stuff, a few things of which are decent. I got 7 free shirts this year, down from 12 last year but I was also there for less time. If I had no preference on what I wore I could go to Comic Con each year and never have to buy shirts again. Nando posted some pictures on facebook if anyone is interested.

Anywho, what I'm really excited about is the opening of the mall New People World in SF Japantown. For those of you who like Gothic Lolita they are going to have 3 days of FREE events. August 14th -16th. Saturday is the day with the most stuff including the actual opening of the mall: http://www.newpeopleworld.com/news/

In other news I adopted two kittens. They are both boys are really cute. Most people can't tell them apart but I can. I took some pictures that I'll try to post one of these days.
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